Folder views in Windows Vista 64-bit

  anglo1948 12:43 14 Apr 2010

Hello everyone. I'm new here so please bear with me. I have a Capella computer running Windows Vista 64-bit but my problem is that the folder views will not work. I set the folders to show the views I want, and the size I want, then I click on 'Apply to Folders', check 'Remember each folder's view settings', and make sure that 'Restore previous folder windows at logon' is unchecked. But after a little while the folder views and sizes all change so that I am having to reset them constantly. I have two other computers, running Windows Vista 32-bit, and they have no such problem. Does anyone know of a simple tweak or a program that will force my 64-bit folder views to work properly? I hope someone can help as I'm tearing my hair out in frustration.

  northumbria61 16:24 14 Apr 2010

Hi anglo1948 - Hope this is what you are looking for ?

click here

  User-1229748 16:24 14 Apr 2010

have a read here to see if it helps click here

  User-1229748 16:25 14 Apr 2010

snap :o)

  northumbria61 16:30 14 Apr 2010

Great minds think alike !!

  User-1229748 16:32 14 Apr 2010


  anglo1948 17:17 14 Apr 2010

Thanks for the references to the advice pages. I have tried this method, unfortunately with no effect, but I am grateful for your help.

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