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  dreambrian 15:28 02 Aug 2005

A friend and myself have started working together on some sites and something we're finding difficulty with is agreeing about folder structure under the root.
We need to use exactly the same structure to avoid confusion and we're not sure which way to go.

One of us likes to have an empty root except for default.asp and then separate folders for images, stylesteets, scripts, pages, includes, etc.

Any pages such as boats.asp; cars.asp; contactus.asp and links.asp etc. would be under the folder called 'pages'.

If the page called cars.asp (which will be under the 'pages' folder), has to lead to (say) 10 pages about specific cars, a sub folder under 'pages' called 'cars_specific' would be created to contain them.

Any image folders needing to be seperated, such as 'images_boats' and 'images_cars' would be sub-folders of the 'images' folder.

The other one of us prefers to have all the main pages such as default.asp; boats.asp; cars.asp; contact_us.asp and links.asp etc. directly under the root.
the normal folders such as images, stylesteets, scripts, includes, etc. would also be under the root but.........

If the main page called cars.asp will need to lead to (say) 10 pages about cars, a folder would be created directly under the root called 'cars_specific' and those 10 pages would go inside the 'cars_specific' folder.

Any image folders needing to be seperated such as 'images_boats' and 'images_cars' would be created directly under the root

If anyone would be kind enough to give us the benefit of their experience on which way we should go we really would be very grateful.

Thanks guys..........


  Forum Editor 18:55 02 Aug 2005

to have whatever suits you best.

Keep your index file and all your html files in the root and you'll be fine - that's what I do as a rule. Then create directories as you need them, but keep it simple - you can create sub-directories inside 'images' as you see fit; I always do this on reasonably large sites, particularly where I'll be doing regular content changes. I keep images in sub-directories according to their type (landscape, people, objects etc.) so I don't have to go trawling through a huge list when I want to add or remove images.

You'll find it far better to run a few main directories with sub-directories, rather than creating a mass of folders in the root. Keep your structure tidy and your future maintenance work will be that much easier. We all think we'll remember things when we're in the white-heat of site creation, but over-complicate your site file structure and three months down the line you'll forget where you put things.

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