Folder shows as empty but does contain files

  ened 17:23 09 Dec 2014

I transferred a load of pictures into a folder. The next day I can't access the Folder and, hovering the cursor over it, it shows as empty. It will not open, nor will it allow me to move it to a different drive. The drive is showing as Healthy and all other folders on that drive are okay. The moved files do not show up on a search.

  wee eddie 17:42 09 Dec 2014

Reboot and try again

  ened 17:50 09 Dec 2014

Funnily enough on the first reboot it froze on the POST screen. Started second time and Folder still shows as empty. I estimate there should be approx. 5GB in there.

When I tried to 'Take Ownership' of the folder there was a lot of activity for an empty folder but it all flashed by so quickly that I was unable to see any file names.

I'm wondering if a file recovery software might help?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:14 09 Dec 2014

Ened, a disk check of the relevant drive may fix things. Here's how to do it in Windows 7.

  ened 07:41 10 Dec 2014

I have run a Disk Check and it showed all fine. The only thing is that everytime I do anything to try to access this folder the next boot fails.

I always have access to 'hidden' stuff on my machines. Never-the-less I tried hiding it and then opening again but no success for this folder.

Likewise the permissions.

I assume that something I put in this folder had a problem and has messed up the whole folder, but I can't move it.

These are personal photos which I had moved into the folder in order to back up the whole thing. Before I invest in some recovery software:

a)Is it likely to work?

b)Is any recovery software free?

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