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  Marios 20:46 24 Jul 2003

Standalone PC, XP Pro, 5 users (accounts), one administrator (me). How can I regulate who has what access to what files/folders? Stop sharing is not available.
(I tried yesterday this helproom but had no luck)

  LAP 21:01 24 Jul 2003

I run win xp pro, in 'help and support' under 'sharing' isn't this what you require?
If not have a nice day..Lap..

  powerless 21:25 24 Jul 2003

You have to be using the NTFS file system.

Create passwords.

For all acoounts.

This will stop each user accessing another user documents. THe admin however will be able to see all documents.

Set the other users and limited.

Probably have to use the Group policy editor to be more specific. But i've only got Home so cant help you with that.

  User-312386 22:41 24 Jul 2003

go to

C:\Documents and Settings

right click the folder you want to share/don't want to and click properties, next click on the sharing tab and then tick the box that says "make this folder private"

Now only you can see the folder and gain access to it


  User-312386 23:23 24 Jul 2003

Thanks but this option is not available.
Apparently i need to change to NTFS format. What this is don't ask me!

  User-312386 23:25 24 Jul 2003

If you want to use the privacy settings you will have to Re-Format XP in the NTFS file format

  acanda 01:32 17 Aug 2003

I have XP home and formated my disk using PartitionMagic, where my drives are in NTFS (except C that is still FAT). However, files on these NTFS formatted sections still cannot be made private (R click/ properties/ sharing). Does this mean the only way is to use an encryption method (buying/ free download programs?)

  tbh72 02:17 17 Aug 2003

You could of course just use something like winzip & create p/w protected archives. If you place a link to the ZIP Archive in the "SEND TO" folder you can add new files to the archive with a simple right click.

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