Folder with data shows as empty

  Nosmas 15:56 03 Mar 2010

I am in the process of moving from XP to Windows 7. XP is installed on one (PATA) HDD and W7
on a new (SATA) HDD. I have downloaded Windows Live Mail to W7 and although it is working and
all my emails are accessible (stored on my Data Partition on the XP drive), I do not have any
Contacts for WLM on W7. I have copied the Windows Live Contacts folder on XP to my 250MB Sandisk Cruzer drive.

When booted into XP and folder WLC is viewed in WE it displays a folder whose name is various
number and letter characters in between { and } brackets. The properties show that that folder
contains 9 folders and 22 files. However if I then boot into W7 and in WE click on the WLC folder on the Sandisk it says the folder is empty. I also tried copying WLC to an external HDD but had exactly the same result - in XP details displayed, in W7 'folder empty'

Can anyone please explain why I cannot see the contents of WLC in W7 but can see them in XP and give suggestions to resolve this problem?

  Seth Haniel 16:04 03 Mar 2010

install files - which could be empty folders and hidden. Xp you get to see it all Win7 seems to hide things in obscure places

  GaT7 16:15 03 Mar 2010

Simply copying the WLC folder won't do.

You need to use the Export & Import commands in WinXP & Win7 respectively to transfer contacts successfully between the 2 OSes - see click here. G

  Nosmas 18:05 03 Mar 2010

Crossbow7 - Many thanks for your prompt response and I now have all my Contacts available in WLM on W7. There were about 360 records to move but the import into W7 took considerably longer to do than the export from XP; I suppose some of the delay is because each of those records has to be written to disk.

You seem to be a very knowledgeable person and I wonder if you can answer this query please. When I booted into XP and launched WLM there no emails to be seen at all. When I set up WLM on W7 I had changed the Storage Location from the C: drive to a Data Partition on another HDD and when I launched WLM it displayed all the emails that I had previously accessed on XP. Am I right in thinking that the W7 installation of WLM is now 'linked' to the Storage Location and WLM on XP is no longer 'allowed' to access those same emails - hence why no emails were displayed in XP?

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