Fn key on laptop, don't do nothing, what's it 4???

  Kitz E Kat 20:21 01 Oct 2003

Hi, i have a DELL Latitude laptop, it has a Fn key i presume it is to use the alternative char's on the keys, but it does nothin....

If i press the Fn key and press , say U i get nothin, i think i should get 4, but no , nothin....

I presume this is a case of operator ignorance as i am new to laptops....

Any ideas

Kitz E Kat

  sgtdibble 20:49 01 Oct 2003

Fn = for nothing LOL ;-)

  Djohn 20:52 01 Oct 2003

click here Regards. j.

  MIke 20:54 01 Oct 2003

I have a HP laptop, the Fn key operates certain other functions, which are highlighted in blue on my keyboard, such as changing brightness of display, altering volume,muting volume, sending laptop into hibernation, do any of your keys have functions on them in a different colour, that may be operated by using the Fn key?

  Kitz E Kat 21:12 01 Oct 2003

Yeah , there is 'functions' in blue, but not all seem to work.....

The speaker volume does work, the brightness and contrast don't, the UIO JKL and M keys have numbers in blue like the U key has a 4, but if i press Fn and U i get ' ' yup, nothin!!!!

I am just bored that's all, and never tried the Fn key before!!!!!

think i'll have a nap and then go get a mouse!!!

Thanks all

Kitz E kat

  dontaskme 21:31 01 Oct 2003

on my laptop, you have to press fn and numlock to get the numbpad to work.

  Kitz E Kat 21:44 01 Oct 2003

He he .... that works....

Thank you ....

Thanks all, another sucess story!!!!!

Kitz E kat

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