flying saucers-how to grid of

  alval 17:36 18 Mar 2014

Have got flying saucers exploding across screen whilst on line. There is also what looks like two tents just below the tab line. A message then appears---press ctrl/alt and a -to quit/start game. What game and how did it get there? Is this a virus? I would value advice as to how to get rid of this. Thanks

  lotvic 19:00 18 Mar 2014

Can you take a screenshot and put it on an image host site and then post a direct link to it for us to see if we can identify the online space game?

  alval 07:45 19 Mar 2014

Lotvic thanks but I have no idea how to do what you suggest. I am a complete beginner at this stuff.

  spuds 10:19 19 Mar 2014

What type of anti-virus or malware programs do you use and have on the computer, and are these updated or used on a regular basis?.

Have you also added any downloads or program additions recently. If so, what are they, and where from?.

  lotvic 14:09 19 Mar 2014

How to take a screenshot, paste it into Paint program, click here When you have done that give it a name save it as a .jpg (make sure it is easy to find)

Decide which free image hosting website you want to use (google for one - I use but there are plenty of others to choose from) Upload your screenshot .jpg and copy the Direct Link url web address that you will be given. Paste the Direct Link url into your post on here and then type 5 spaces before you type any more text (it will change to a 'click here' after you have clicked on 'Post'

Note: "type 5 spaces before you type any more text " this is because of the peculiarities of this forums formatting - if you don't type the spaces you end up with first word getting moved to the end of your post. We've learnt to live with it :))

  tjmayor 06:38 13 May 2014

I recently bought a new computer as Windows XP is now defunct. I chose Windows 7 as this seemed to be the preferred way to go for a Desktop m/c. I too have been suffering that annoying exploding flying saucer traversing across the screen when surfing the internet. This would occur whether I used Internet Explorer or Firefox search engines. I could not believe only two people have had the same experience. Anyway the good news is that I have tracked it down to a program that somehow got on to my hard drive and that is Rasteroids. I deleted it and those stupid Flying saucers have exploded for the last time .... fingers crossed. Another program that gave me a huge amount of grief was Adobe Reader which was a surprise and that too I've deleted. Hope this helps any others plagued with this problem.

  rdave13 22:20 15 May 2014

Spammers or pot heads? Which do you think lotvic ?

  lotvic 23:30 15 May 2014

Don't know rdave, my guess is there are so many 'online games' that it's possibly one of those left running. If OP didn't acquire it, then prob children or grandchildren etc. have been using pc.

  rdave13 00:05 16 May 2014

lotvic , take my hat off to you. OP responds once.

My advice would be to stop smoking the...whatever you smoke or sniff.

They say a squeezed sexual gland from a beaver gives quite a powerful taste in the confectionary trade.

  rdave13 00:22 16 May 2014

Worse than I thought; don't know what to input, really.

  lotvic 10:09 16 May 2014

rdave, please tell me that is a joke... it's put me right off my ice cream.

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