Flushing printer queue

  m800afc 17:43 17 Nov 2008

Win XP Pro: SP3 Epson Stylus Pro XL.

I am having difficulty with my printer. I am trying to print A3 photographs. If an error occurs during printing, it reverts to typing vast amounts of text, in all colours. I have tried to cancel the print via the printer control panel but it does not work. I have also tried shutting down both the printer and computer, but on restart it just prints text gibberish. According to the print queue one A3 print suddenly becomes 36 A3 pages of gibberish, amounting to 25Mb of data.
when setting the printer up I have noticed that it always defaults to 6" x 4" paper, and settings are not saved at all. For example, if I set to a paper size such as A3 or A4 and then change from plain paper to photo paper, when I check the settings it has reverted to postcard size plain paper.
I know its an old printer, but I have an important job to do. I have reinstalled the drivers but this does not help. Is there a quick way to flush the printer queue other than the normal "Cancel print job"?

  Toneman 18:21 17 Nov 2008

System Restore?

  m800afc 20:01 17 Nov 2008

I understand why you suggest this, but it is really impractical when you have a large number of prints to do. I must have had a couple of dozen errors this afternoon, which would have meant a couple of dozen system restores, and it took five hours to do the first print. All is well at the moment, but if the print is interrupted for any reason, I still can't flush the buffer.
I have no problems with my other printers, just this one.

  rdave13 20:25 17 Nov 2008

If XP have a look at the third post; click here .
Save to notepad ,save as KillPrintJob.bat , all files and save to desktop.

  anchor 12:58 18 Nov 2008

rdave13: thanks for the useful link.

  m800afc 00:56 21 Nov 2008

Thank you very much for the link. It works perfectly, stopping the printer almost in its tracks. Exactly what I needed to do.

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