Flowcharts in MS Word

  The Administrator 13:14 05 Oct 2003

Help!! How do I produce a flowchart in Word? Or do I need to do it in excel?
I can produce the boxes required but can't work out how to link them. Is there a wizard for this?

  Chris the Ancient 13:50 05 Oct 2003

Word won't do flowcharts pre se - you can only have the boxes!

If I make one, I draw a grid using straight lines - then group it so it can be deleted in one go later - then just place the boxes and lines on the grid. If you do the lines first, then the boxes, it's easier to shift the boxes into position (use Ctrl+arrow to get small nudges) and leave the lines behind the boxes. The boxes should, of course, have a white fill for this.

When all is finished, either delete the original grid - or make it white or transparent.

Not the easiest way, but after the first couple of hundred, it gets easier!

Now you watch some rotten so-and-so show an easier way after I've done all the ones that I have!



  y_not 16:33 05 Oct 2003

Can I suggest that you have a look at PowerPoint? Under "Autoshapes" you have the flowchart shapes AND connectors.

You can print this as easily as Word or show as a presentation, whichever you prefer .... I think that if you group the PowerPoint screen and copy you may be able to paste into Word - not sure of that but I think it will work.

Good luck.


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