Floppy or Zip?

  ams4127 19:38 09 Jun 2003

Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't remove the Floppy drive from my new computer and replace it with the Zip 250 internal drive from my old one?

I am using XP Home and can't think of any logical reason why a floppy is needed, given that any problems would be fixed by booting from the XP disk.

Thanks in advance.

  hugh-265156 19:44 09 Jun 2003

bios updates are slightly more complicated if you dont have a floppy.

you could do that no problem, but you cant afford to give away a zip disk in the way you can a 15p floppy but in this day and age when nearly everyone has net access how often do you share a file by means of a floppy anyway.

  ams4127 19:59 09 Jun 2003

huggyg71. The motherboard on my new machine has a dual BIOS and updates direct from the web by some magical means. But thanks, it's a point I hadn't thought of.

horiz5. My thoughts exactly. Any files I swap these days are by CD-R as they are not that much more expensive than a floppy.

Thanks again.

  Bebee 20:02 09 Jun 2003

Can't you have both, if there's room in the case? My zip goes on the IDE cable and the floppy is on it's own cable. You can manage without a floppy drive, but I can't see an advantage to taking it out if you've already got it.

  Megatyte 20:04 09 Jun 2003

A lot of new computers now aren't fitted with a floppy. Go for it.


  ams4127 20:23 09 Jun 2003

Bebee. Yes, that's how my old machine is setup. The new one has only one slot and, while I could easily buy an adaptor plate to use in one of the empty bays, I don't really think it's worth it.

Megatyte. Precisely!

Thanks again.

  Bebee 20:40 09 Jun 2003

In that case I'd go for it too. If something crops up and you really find you need it you could always put it back.

  jimv7 21:00 09 Jun 2003

USB pen drive, quite cheap now for the amount of storage and easy to transfer files between computers with usb ports.

  BeForU 21:35 09 Jun 2003

well i think that there is always a need for the good old floopy even if its basically becoming worthless lol!

  LAP 22:02 09 Jun 2003

ams4127, Recently handed over computer running win 95 with external 250 zip drive to the wife.. i keep all my private info on just one disc. i treated myself to another computer with a multi disc drive and an internal 250 zip. I just like it, because you don't have to worry about where you stick your fingers or is it going to get scratched.. I know sad.. but just another's point of view..Lap..

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