floppy not working

  I-W 09:21 01 Oct 2003

Iv just re-installed windows xp home and now the floppy disk drive's not working. Iv looked in control panel/system/hardware and it seems to be installed. can anyone help please?

  Jester2K II 09:23 01 Oct 2003

Perhaps its dead? Can you try another? I had mine go shortly after installing a new graphics card. No connection just timing..

  I-W 09:32 01 Oct 2003

Only got the one. its not been used that offten. would it have anything to do with re-istalling windows, cause since iv done that iv had nothing but trouble from different hardware and software?

  graham√ 09:46 01 Oct 2003

If you've been inside, check all the connections.

  I-W 11:28 01 Oct 2003

not been inside but ill check. anything else it might be?

  Gongoozler 11:50 01 Oct 2003

The only other likely cause I can think of is that your motherboard drivers need updating for XP. Find the make and model of your motherboard (you may need to download and run Belarc Advisor free from click here), then check on the motherboard makers website.

  I-W 12:05 01 Oct 2003

ok ill try that. cheers

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