floppy is it knackered

  picklsey 08:15 18 Sep 2004

when i double click on my computer icon all the drives are there except the floppy,it is recognised in the bios, device man. says it is working properly.uninstalled reinstalled still doesn,t work checked connections inside pc all seem fine it is set as first boot on pc but when powering up no light noise.what i don,t understand is why it,s showing everywhere as working but i have no icon for it in my comp.any advise on this please.

  jack 09:06 18 Sep 2004

From what you say the system says it is there
So the system knows something is there.
But it will not respond.
What does the Device manager say?
Any yellow ?or! showing?
Checked the power supply/connection?
Do you have accesto another drive to swap before you go and sport out dosh on another?

  picklsey 10:25 18 Sep 2004

jack thanks for responce device manager is showing it and say,s all is working properly power lead seems to be connected ok allthough there is nothing on start up.

  picklsey 11:34 18 Sep 2004

bought new floppy still noyhing on start up any ideas please.could some thing be wrong with the m/b.

  Cuddles 11:45 18 Sep 2004

You have checked the power connection, have you tried another ribbon cable?

  picklsey 12:05 18 Sep 2004

checked device manager,no yellow?all the power ok ,bought new ribbon,my hubby is away to spend more dosh dont know what he will come back with thank you will let you know how we get on

  Stuartli 13:03 18 Sep 2004

My son, an IT specialist who looks after nearly 3,000 machines, says that the majority of floppy drive problems are caused either by a damaged or faulty cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 18 Sep 2004

Is this the same machine you are having Hard drive problems on?

You have first boot set to floppy but have you enabled the Floppy Disk Drive controller in the BIOS?

BIOS -Intergrated peripherials -On Borad FDD controller 'ENABLED'

  picklsey 18:35 18 Sep 2004

thanks everyone for your help i did put a new floppy in and cable also checked the bios it was set up right yes same machine with harddrive problems anyway i don,t want you,se all falling of your chair laughing, me and my better half decided to bite the bullet and just get a new m/b and give the daughter an up to date pc,travelled to get one put it all together went smoothly went to power up dead as a doe doe.new m/b new memory no new pc.anyone want to buy some lucky white heather.will take it back tomorrow.ah well.

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