Floppy drive problem

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 01:21 12 Oct 2003

Hi, i have just brought a new floppy drive thinking other was broke but i still got same problem,it doesnt show up in device manager or in my computer i can click on make rescue disk and it tells me that it isnt a floppy drive ,or it is mapped as a network drive? i looked in bios and it shows there ok just cant get anything to read it in windows 98se,floppy disc controller is there in device manager but no drive,i tried removing controller it finds it again but not the drive im stummped anyone ?


  Simon_P 01:57 12 Oct 2003

Does the drive light stay on?

If it does then the drive data cable is back to front.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:12 12 Oct 2003

Hi, no light dont stay on it does check floopy on boot up but thats it so i know it there just cant get it to show in device manager.

  Djohn 02:16 12 Oct 2003

Agree with Simon7063. The floppy drive is a little confusing because the connection is different to your other drives. IE the red line on the IDE cable should be on the far side as you look at it. With your other drives, it is on the side nearest to you. j.

  Simon_P 02:28 12 Oct 2003

Is there any activity at all?

It is possible that there is an incorect or absent power supply from the PC's 5v rail supply.
Possible broken wire.

Do you have a second floppy power connector you could try?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:57 12 Oct 2003

I have checked leads and they are all correct there is power to drive as windows checks it on boot and green light comes on,there is no A drive showing in my computer,and no floppy only hd showing in device manager,im confused why it would say it was mapped as a network drive when i click create start up disk in add/remove programs dont know what that is or how to map 1.

  Djohn 03:14 12 Oct 2003

From what you say it seems that the power lead is OK, and the ribbon cable is on the correct way round. Only other thing I can suggest is, try a new cable, the one you have may have developed a fault. maybe one of the wires broken. j.

  DieSse 05:40 12 Oct 2003

Does it work in DOS - ie can you boot up from it?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:56 12 Oct 2003

I tried that this morning but i cant set it as boot drive in bios it says it detects a floppy in there but i cant select it i can set all others hdd/cd rom's but not floppy but if i go to a ms-dos promt or restart in dos i can change drive letter to A but it keeps saying invalid drive if i tried to read a floppy from it.

  bof:) 12:17 12 Oct 2003

click here

not sure what a 'network drive' is but have a look on this site it mentions about setting up such drives.


  Simon_P 12:40 12 Oct 2003

This has me stumped.
I am interested as to what it might be though

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