Floppy Drive Poll - Hooray for floppy drives

  mysterious_543 18:26 24 Feb 2003

Todays poll is to see who has used their floppy drive. I would like to say a few good things for the floppy drive, bcease there are some even though its old and not the quickest bit of kit in the machine. I would like to say that in the world of technology that we live in today its the one piece that we can truly rely upon to be always there for us when we need it. Floppy Drives very rarly have problems and break leaving us stuck which is nice to see today. They should stay with us for a long time to come yet, it would be a mistake to get rid of such a reliable piece of hardware.

  flyboy 18:32 24 Feb 2003

Couldn't agree more. Been a godsend for me at times.

  nightporter 18:34 24 Feb 2003

But is the floppy drive so reliable because it never gets used?

  bvw in bristol 18:44 24 Feb 2003

Just backed up my Microsoft Money 2000 Standard Edition to floppy drive. Using XP :o)

  leo49 19:03 24 Feb 2003

I bet you can't convince Biggles of that.... :o)


  « Ravin » 19:05 24 Feb 2003

lol was just going to say that when i read bvw's reply

  Gemma 19:31 24 Feb 2003

is the lack of success of the LS120 drive which can read / write regular floppies and 120MB floppies too. I have one and it's great for mid scale back-ups, reliable, quick enough and the media is not too expensive. If the marketing had been better then who would need Zip drives?
10 pack LS120 - £43
10 pack 100Mb Zip -£70

  Rtus 19:45 24 Feb 2003

If I remember rightly They were pushed hard when they first came onto the market .but reliability wasnt that good.later being withdrawn by its makers .And it was up against CDRW drives of greater volume .and then dvd !

  Gemma 20:12 24 Feb 2003

Sad isn't it? And there was the LS240 too. I think IBM pushed the technology to around 700 meg. but never brought it to market.

I must not reminisce however or I'll start wittering about my first love, an IBM 1401, a big'un, 1402, 1403, four 729-2 tapes, 1405 Ramac, 1407 console,1406 memory expansion all the way to .........16K! Managed to run a chain of 200 shops on it though.

Now, where are my pills?

  peasy 20:23 24 Feb 2003

floppy drive its just one of the old tecnologys thats stuck in a time warp it must be kept cause its dead reliable and just the job for quick copies long live the floppy!

  hoverman 20:29 24 Feb 2003

I belong to a Club whose newsletter is compiled by a member using a Brother Word Processor. He sends me a draft copy of the text on a floppy which I convert into MS Word format (done with a conversion program) and then import into MS Publisher for illustrations to be added. I then print the completed newsletter for distribution. Our editor does not have a PC, nor has he any desire to ever own one, so the floppy is essential to save me an awful lot of re-typing. Long live the floppy!!!

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