Floppy drive not working properly

  theron911 11:49 05 Aug 2003

I recently updated to Windows XP. Did the boot up disks as required, no problem. Later tried to access all floppies.
As soon as I insert them and click on the drive, it says "this disk is not formatted, do you want to format" if I say "no" it just goes off, if I say "yes" it comes back with "Windows cannot format this disk"
Please help, I have so much work on my floppies.
I wait in antisipation that someone has an answer for me.

  Confab 11:56 05 Aug 2003

You could check the floppies in another pc to see if they are ok. If they are then check/change the floppy cable. If this doesn't work then buy a new drive. You'll get change from a tenner.

  Mike D 13:49 05 Aug 2003

Before you buy a new drive, check that the drive has no exclamation mark in the Device Manager screen (either under the System icon or Performance Grouping - dependent upon how you have XP set up). If there is an exclamation mark, remove the drivers and reboot. This was a solution given to me by Microsoft when I had W98Se, and I have tried it on Xp and it works.


  Kitz E Kat 13:55 05 Aug 2003

XP can be a bit fussy with floppy drives,it may be a perfectly working drive, but if XP dont like then thats that!!!

A new one should sort this out,unless XP dont like that one either!!!!!

Thats XP for you!!!!

Good luck


  theron911 18:37 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for advice.
I have tried the floppy in another system, worked as should. No exclamation mark, says no problems??? have the lastest drives installed.
Have also changed the cable, still no change.
Oh why did I change to XP!

  Stuartli 18:55 05 Aug 2003

You'll get change from a fiver...:-)

  theron911 21:41 10 Aug 2003

I have found out that my floppies will work on some computers and not others.
Found out how to try and format them. But they say that the disks file system is RAW, now new file system is FAT.

Can anyone tell me how I can read my disks on my system. PLEASE

  Djohn 21:47 10 Aug 2003

If you have recently up-graded to XP, have you been back into BIOS, and set your floppy to "First bootable drive"?

  Wilham 22:25 10 Aug 2003

If you're long in the tooth some of your floppies may be 750Kb. I hear the later O/S and/or drivers for 1.4Mb floppies are no longer backward compatible.
Just a thought.

  theron911 22:45 10 Aug 2003

As you probably gathered I am quite new to computers!

Yes Floppy is set to 1St Bootable Drive.

When I put a floppy in and click on the 'A' drive to read it. It says, "The disk in drive A is not formatted, Do you want to format it now"

If 'no' it just goes off, if 'yes' tries it, then says usual "warning all date will be lost"
Then it says "Windows was unable to complete format"

All my floppies are 1.44mb

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