Floppy Drive Not Working

  alexgray104 17:49 21 Jan 2005

The floppy drive in my pc has never worked, but it is now starting to bother me. I have loads of files to copy over from my laptop. At first the little green light didn't come on at all. So I went inside my pc and plugged in a power cable that fitted. When I next turned on my pc the little green light stayed on constantly and it still says "Please insert disk into drive A". I have had a look in the BIOS and in standard CMOS Settings it says "Drive A: 1.44M 3.5" floppy sidk drive". I would be very grateful if anyone had any ideas because it is really starting to bug me!!

  FelixTCat 17:53 21 Jan 2005

Having the light on all the time possibly means that the data cable is incorrectly fitted. Check that it is the correct way round and pushed fully home, both at the drive and the motherboard. If the cable has been twisted, there may be a broken lead.

  LeadingMNMs 17:55 21 Jan 2005

The IDE cable is probably the wrong way round. Take it out the floppy drive, rotate it 180 degrees and put it back in.

  Chezdez 17:58 21 Jan 2005

its not an IDE lead to the floppy :P

can't think what the proper name for it is, but it is smaller than IDE

and yes, try turning the connector round

  LeadingMNMs 18:02 21 Jan 2005

Good point, but either way, just rotate the cable (that looks like a smaller IDE / ATA cable).

  chub_tor 19:20 21 Jan 2005

If you have USB outputs on your PC why not get a USB Flash Drive for transferring your files? ebuyer has a 64Mb one for £10 about the same price as a 1.44Mb floppy drive.

  NotsoNewuser 19:52 21 Jan 2005

Dont forget the connection next to little twist in the cable has to go at the floppy end and check where the no.1 pin is.

  JonnyTub 19:55 21 Jan 2005

if your cable has a red line on it, this goes closest to the power supply :-)

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