floppy drive install "problem"

  terendak_uk 19:43 01 Sep 2004

Is there any logical reasoning.....?
I don't often put in a floppy drive and EVERY time I do I put the cable in the wrong way! Any idea why the cable has to have the red line on the left of the drive instead of the right side ( as in all other drives? Yet the red line is on the same side at the mobo connection. Get caught every time and it takes me a couple of days before it dawns on me lol)

  VoG II 20:10 01 Sep 2004

I saw the title and was all geared up to type "cable's the wrong way round"...

It crops up time and time again - you are not alone.

  Cyclone 20:17 01 Sep 2004

I usually remember it by making sure the red line goes on the same side as the power connection, unfortunately this does not work when the power is above the data cable.

  terendak_uk 20:32 01 Sep 2004

thanks for the reassurance that I'm not alone. I also think that the red line is adjacent to the power cable....NOT!!! Funny how it still makes me feel good once I've "solved " the problem.....Now for the ATI problem on another PC. I have a feeling there's a strong streak of masochistic tendencies in anyone who delves into the innards of PCs.

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