floppy drive fault

  jimmer409? 20:54 09 Sep 2003

sent some .sys files to a floppy on the work computer, when i loaded the floppy at home would not read, running xp, stated disc not formatted, do you want to format, click yes, unable to format, take floppy back to work, reads fine, try in another computer, reads fine, try some of my other floppys at home work fine, any ideas.

  jimmer409? 19:37 10 Sep 2003

Hello, thought someone would have offered a simple solution to this by now, this is no big deal, but i like to know why things happen that seem out of the norm. help greatly appreciated.

  Belatucadrus 20:08 10 Sep 2003

What capacity floppy ? if it's a 720Kb double density, that may explain the format problem, if not why your home PC can't read it.

  jimmer409? 20:11 10 Sep 2003

no bel, it's just a standard 1.44mb floppy, which as you can see makes this a real puzzler.
any other ideas.

  Rabi 20:17 10 Sep 2003

I am experiencing the exact same problem on my desktop PC's. But you don't mention what OS you are running at the office.

I have noticed I am having this problem with Windows (* PC's, but don't seem to be having the problem when I save files on XP pc, and open on another XP pc. Coincidence?

Interested in reply to jimmer409 problem.

  jimmer409? 20:30 10 Sep 2003

hello rabi, running xp at home, work using me on one machine and 98 on the other, as i stated earlier, i copied the .sys files at work on the me computer.

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