Floppy drive acting strange.

  redbarron 16:55 04 Nov 2008

Please note this is carried on from a previous post today.

Bad news I'm afraid. Still not fixed.

Uninstalled software for floppy drive. Purchased new floppy drive, fitted unit and re-booted. Software for drive auto installed.

Still not fixed.

Symptoms again are...

The green drive light comes on, then the floppy drive makes a brief noise for only a second or two as though it's trying to load some information. It only last for a second or two then stops and the light goes out. Then it starts all over again about 10 seconds later.

Have tried leaving a floppy disc in the drive. Although it's stopped the noise it is still going through the same sequence as above.

Have taken the new floppy drive back and got a refund and refitted the original.

Any more ideas would be appreciated please.

  DieSse 16:59 04 Nov 2008

Something is trying to read a diskette - and since there isn't one in the drive, it does what you describe.

Put a diskette into it, with some information on it preferably (ie not a blank), and see what happens.

  DieSse 17:03 04 Nov 2008

Sorry - i didn't read your post thoroughly enough.

However the situation is still as I surmised IMO - a program is doing this for some reason. Might even be malware looking to infect a diskette.

Go through the running processes and try stopping them one at a time, and see if you can identify the program.

Suspect anti-virus software first off, IMO.

  redbarron 17:11 04 Nov 2008

Hi DieSse

I'm running Norton Antivirus 2008. It come to it's subscription end very soon. Going over to Kaspersky.

  Rahere 17:58 04 Nov 2008

I think DieSse is on the right track - either your AV is checking the drive or there's a program that's expecting to write to it - have you used the drive at all recently - perhaps something needs to finish...?

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