floppy drive

  carriebp 22:21 24 Jan 2005

is it possible to disable the floppy drive in windows xp.

  Totally-braindead 22:23 24 Jan 2005

You could just disconnect it or physically remove it I suppose.

  VoG II 22:25 24 Jan 2005

Disable it in Device Manager. But why?

  carriebp 23:33 24 Jan 2005

have been told it will speed boot up.don,t use floppys anymore.(where,s tm come from ?).

  ACOLYTE 23:36 24 Jan 2005

You can i think just set bios to ignore the floppy for startup Floppy boot seek or somthing i think its called.But it doesnt take that long to boot anyway does it?,i know mine doesnt.

  dan11 23:38 24 Jan 2005

Disabling it in windows, will not speed boot up. If you disable it in the bios, pre windows, then the computer may boot up a second or two faster. :-)

  VoG II 23:38 24 Jan 2005

You will shave ¼ second off your boot time.

Check out Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map.

  dan11 23:39 24 Jan 2005

Snap ;-)

  carriebp 08:38 25 Jan 2005


  dan11 09:30 25 Jan 2005

If you wish to disable the delays in the bios, yet still have a functional floppy drive, do this.

Start the computer and keep pressing the delete key. This should take you to the bios. A screen similar to this. click here

Scroll down to the advanced bios features and enter. You should have a screen like this. click here

They are 3 settings to check and may need to be adjusted.

1)first boot > set this to HDD 0

2)Swap floppy drive > set to disable

3)floppy drive seek > set to disable

Also while there, make sure that quick power on self test is enabled.

You can change the settings for the above, by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons on the keyboard.

When done pressing the F10 key will save the settings and exit. It will probably ask you for a y for yes.

If at any time you feel unsure about the bios, you can exit it with out making any changes, even though you may have altered it. Just press esc. to get to the main screen and pick the exit without saving section.

This may give you a couple of seconds quicker boot up.

If you think your boot time is very slow, then post back to a new thread, they are many experienced users who can shave a lot of time of boot up. ;-)

  carriebp 17:35 25 Jan 2005

fab,will try it later.

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