floppy drive

  conrail 19:34 07 Feb 2004

when installing new slave drive inadverantly pulled floppy ribbon from mb, put it back but now no floppy recognised on my computer, have tried ribbon in both ways, no lip on connector to align with mb connector recess and on floppy ribbon red line is to left, looking from rear of drive, new drive and was working, any ideas please

  conrail 19:35 07 Feb 2004

re prev, there is power so that not the problem

  agarm11 20:56 07 Feb 2004

If there are 3 connectors on the cable, make sure that the A drive is plugged into the one after the "twist". (Also check for bent pins) Is the drive light on permanently, if so the cable is on the wrong way usually.

  Eric10 20:57 07 Feb 2004

Points to watch out for. There is usually some indication on the motherboard as to which end of the header is pin 1. Sometimes a number 1, or a small arrow, or even a box drawn round the header and one end has a thicker line than the other. If the header is in the same orientation as the IDE headers it is very unusual for pin 1 not to be at the same end. Once you've identified pin 1, put coloured stripe to this end.

Now move to the drive end of the cable. The one with the twist. There is no set rule here but again there is usually some marking to indicate pin 1. If you can't identify pin 1 then assume that it is the end nearest to the power plug. When you boot up watch the LED on the floppy drive. If it stays lit continuously then you've got it the wrong way round so reverse it.

Check the power plug. It is not difficult to miss one of the pins.

If none of this works then check the BIOS to make sure that the drive wasn't disabled when your PC was first booted without it. Also check for a setting called Swap Floppy Drive and make sure it is disabled if it's there.

That's about all I can think of.

  woodchip 21:00 07 Feb 2004

Red line goes to pin one, on the socket, or same way round as other ribbon cables

  conrail 12:48 09 Feb 2004

thanks Eric10, drive was diabled in bios have enabled and now appears in my computer, must have the cables the right way around as light only on when accessing drive, unable to check which is pin 1 as mb socket behind h/d cradles so I can see it but not check which is pin 1, looking from bottom to top the 2nd row up has 1 pin across and not 2, now drive trying to read the disc but asking me to insert a disc, it may be that I don't have the mb connector right in, if anybody has other suggestions please advise

  conrail 15:07 09 Feb 2004

what fun computers are to a novice like myself, ribbon was not fully in the mb, had to remove all drives to be able to get to it, just, but managed, all back up and running, thanks to all who helped

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