Floppy Drive!

  denali 14:43 31 Aug 2003

Would someone please be kind enough to tell me where I can get a driver for my Floppy.
When I use it I get a message telling me the floppy is working in DOS,which it is, and I should install a new driver.
I have re-installed windows and searched everwhere I can think of on the net, to no avail.
I am running 98se and the floppydrive is an ordinary generic one made by NEC(or so it says in device manager)
Would appreciate any help.

Many thanks

  -pops- 14:51 31 Aug 2003

Floppy drivers are located in the BIOS and don't normally rely on Windows at all.

The only thing I can think of is that your BIOS is corrupt but someone more expert will confirm.

  xania 20:35 31 Aug 2003

I have never come across this before but my thought is that something in your Windows setup is causing the problem. You might want to try running SFC to see if this picks up ay errors and, failing that, trying a reinstallation over-the-top

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