Floppy Disk(s) fail (40)

  [DELETED] 16:19 27 Jul 2003

I have just taken out the CDROM and replaced it with a CDRW, rebooted and I get an error message stating Floppy Disk(s) fail (40).
I have checked all connections and all are fine, the drive was working fine before I replaced the CDROM.

Any Suggestions??

  [DELETED] 16:24 27 Jul 2003

I notice you've check the connections, but have you put the data cable in around the right way on the back of the floppy, I think I've seen this discussed before on this site.


  [DELETED] 16:46 27 Jul 2003

Thanks but I have not taken out the cable for the floppy drive.

  [DELETED] 16:48 27 Jul 2003

It is recognising a 1.44M, 3,5in in Drive A, in the BIOS settings.

  [DELETED] 16:51 27 Jul 2003

OK, just a thought.

The only other referance I can find is on this thread:

click here

The chap that replied knows a fair bit about computers, so it may be worth a try.


  [DELETED] 17:18 27 Jul 2003

Thanks Vlavegrid,

Have looked at the other thread.
The Floppy drive is not working, at boot up it does not try to read disk. I think it could be a replacement floppy needed. I think I will take the one out of My other PC and check this.

Where can I look up what the code (40) means?


  beeuuem 17:39 27 Jul 2003

Look here for eror 40 links click here

  [DELETED] 18:08 27 Jul 2003

Thanks all, I have tried another floppy and it boots OK now.

Thanks for the link Beeuuem, very handy.

Thanks all.

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