Floppy Diskette seek Failure on start up

  bobbybluenose 17:24 01 Jan 2013

Happy new Year all, I cleaned the inside of machine in doing so I disturbed a cable,now when I start my pc I get the message Floppy Diskette seek Failure ,then I get the option to either press f1 to continue or f2 to run set up utility,can someone tell me if I can reconfigure the diskette and how to please,and also is f1 safe mode ?.o/s xp pro.

  bobbybluenose 17:36 01 Jan 2013

yes floppy on pc,the pc is also a Dell should I try to remove it in the Bios.

  Taff™ 17:44 01 Jan 2013

This must be an old computer! ;0)

As stated, go into the BIOS and disable the floppy drive. If you really still use floppy disks I suggest you back them up immediately. The old floppy drive probably needs physically removing from the computer and given a good clean out - maybe then it might work.

Otherwise I suggest you buy a new floppy drive for about £5 and back everything up to a USB memory stick.

  bobbybluenose 17:50 01 Jan 2013

Thank you both, ill remove it never used it,how do i tick this post ?. once again Thank you bbn.

  Taff™ 17:54 01 Jan 2013

Jock1e - you may be right! I've got two serviceable floppy drives that have been in my cellar for 2 years or more. (No demand - should have sent them down the skip but as in this case may come in use!) I used to buy 10 packs of floppy disks for peanuts and now you can't buy them for love nor money.

1.14 MB were they?

  SillBill 18:00 01 Jan 2013

@ bobbybluenose

Took me forever to work out that if you tick one of the answers it "resolves" the thread!

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