Floppy Disk problem.

  Hector McLean 18:17 22 Apr 2003

Unable to get the floppy disk to work..have uninstalled / reinstalled, checked for updated drivers ..nothing works..(also cleaned using Floppiclean) Can anyone suggest a cure to my problem..

  hugh-265156 18:22 22 Apr 2003

i take it its listed then in device manager?check in the bios that its set up for read and write

  hugh-265156 18:38 22 Apr 2003

thanks for the email buts its best to keep posting here as others can see it and offer you more advice probally better than i can give you.to access the bios on turning on your computer keep tapping F1 or delete or F2 it varies depending on the computer but it should say on the screen which key to press.

  hugh-265156 19:00 22 Apr 2003

sorry im not very clear with my answers i ment to say when in the bios main menu check floppy drive is listed here and is not set to disable.and you will find then under advanced floppy access or similar and set to read-write.

  Hector McLean 19:15 22 Apr 2003

Entered Bios..on the diskette menu several choices (it is enabled ) theb choices were:

1. 300KB 5(1/4){=quarter}

2. 1.2MB 5(1/4){=quarter}

3. 770KB 3(1/4){=quarter}

4.2.88MB 3(1/2){=half}

I clicked restore all DEFAULTS But it still cmes up with "Insert disk in drive A "

  hugh-265156 20:07 22 Apr 2003

what is it you are trying to do?if wrie to floppy check the disk is not write protected ie/look on the disk and there is a little hole in the corner with a sliding tab flick it to different position.

  hugh-265156 20:07 22 Apr 2003

write to floppy even.

  Hector McLean 23:46 22 Apr 2003

I wish to use my floppy drive to copy / install At the mo I can not get it to work....

Have new mouse But need to get the floppy to read the install prog..I am at my wits end....Tried everything even removed my old floppy hardware from the tower box & installed a new one...Still not working allways "please insert disk" message..Aghhhhhhh...

  hugh-265156 23:50 22 Apr 2003

the disc itself may be duff.have you checked to see if you can for instance copy a small file to a blank just to rule that out.

  hugh-265156 23:51 22 Apr 2003

beter still try the manufacturers website for driver and download it.

  Hector McLean 23:54 22 Apr 2003

Disc .....all discs fine ..checked them out on next doors comp..Manufacturers web site says I got the up to date drivers ... any other ideas..???

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