Floppy Disk goes read only

  Compewnut 14:20 18 Mar 2003

Fd brand new and formatted before use. Info on FD some 100+ pages. Edited to screen many times as info obtained needed to be added to existing notes. Was entering last para of latest notes when it went read only. I can get material notes on screen but cannot add delete anything. Am deasperate to relaim material. Represents 2 yrs research.

  MAJ 15:33 18 Mar 2003

Can you, copy or drag all the files on the floppy to a new folder on your desktop? If you can, right click the files, choose Properties, and change the attribute from Read Only to Archive. You should be able to edit them now. Back them up to another floppy after that. If the files are important, keep a number of backups.

  Compewnut 16:28 18 Mar 2003

Followed your directions without success FD was already checked for Archive. Further info when edited to screen lettering bright blue not black as original.

  BRYNIT 16:52 18 Mar 2003

can you open these file, if so go to file save and save them to your HD

  Compewnut 18:30 18 Mar 2003

Saved notes to HD. Can edit to screen but cannot work on it and if I try the lettering is bright blue.

  Dick9 20:04 18 Mar 2003

First: Does the floppy disk have a tiny little square covering one of the holes in the disk?
Can you move it (slightly) back & forth ? If so,
move it up toward the center of the disk.

That little hole needs to be covered--one way or another. You may need to put a very small piece of tape over it.

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  VoG™ 23:20 18 Mar 2003

What program (and version) are you using to try to edit the file?

Are you saying that you have been using a floppy (only) to save several years work with no backup?

  €dstow 16:21 19 Mar 2003

Like VoG™, I am astonished that the only record you have of two years research may be on a floppy disk and nowhere else. If this is so and you really are unable to annotate or modify it at all, are you able to print it?

If yes and you have a scanner/OCR you can then transfer it that way back into your machine. Laborious, yes but, whether you do it or not depends on the value you attach to your work. Either that or print and re-input from your keyboard.

Whatever you do, avoid entrusting your research to only one medium.


  Compewnut 22:19 19 Mar 2003

Thank you for all your advice. I can now edit my notes onto the screen. My OS is Win XP.
When notes on screen and attempt to add further info the lettering is bright blue. Also if I use delete key the original black lettering changes to blue and will not delete.

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