Jonah1000 20:48 24 Aug 2004

Does anyone know why my floppy diskdrive starts to run as I log onto the internet, after verifing username and password, just as logging on.


  scooby43 20:55 24 Aug 2004

how long does it keep running for? because this could just be a normal check to see if the floppy drive is ok.

  Jonah1000 23:18 24 Aug 2004

runs just for a few seconds, its not my pc, but a friends, never used to happen.

  woodchip 23:26 24 Aug 2004

One of two things, ether the Ribbon cable is the wronway round or Your Anti-Virus is checking for a Floppy disc and a virus on it. Look in AV and turn the check floppy off

  Djohn 23:39 24 Aug 2004

Sounds as though your floppy drive is being accessed by the internet. Have you downloaded anything direct to the floppy drive from the internet recently?

  woodchip 23:45 24 Aug 2004

No, What I ment was that is AV may be set up like mine to check the floppy drive at boot and shut down

  Djohn 23:54 24 Aug 2004

Half asleep again! I should have realised what you mean. It's the logging onto the internet bit that has me wondering though. What would make the floppy drive be accessed just by logging on?

  woodchip 23:57 24 Aug 2004

You are not on your own, I am thinking he is logging into windows. I must be ready for bed

  woodchip 00:05 25 Aug 2004

Try this it may work, it's one of Flecc's

To remove floppy seek on computer

Put a floppy disc in the drive. Double click it to open it's window. Now close the window, leave the floppy in the drive, and double click the C drive to open it. Now remove the floppy disc and finally close the C drive.
This apparently silly procedure can remove a left over referencing to the A drive.

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