Floppy Disk Drive not Working

  AJ25 22:08 23 Jun 2005

Machine is a MESH. Whenever I want to use the Floppy Drive I get an errir "Insert a disk into Drive A". I do that, and the same thing happens. Contacted MESH. They told me to uninstall the Floppy Drivers and Controllers via device manager. Did that! No difference at all. I checked inside the machine and all seems connected!

Any ideas?

  woodchip 22:10 23 Jun 2005

Try a new Ribbon cable they are finicky. Make sure red wire goes the right way round

  AJ25 22:11 23 Jun 2005

Woodchip you are speaking to a erious novice here!

Please explain in more detail.

  Clivuus 22:24 23 Jun 2005

When you uninstalled the drivers and controllers did windows find them on re-booting?

  AJ25 22:28 23 Jun 2005


Must have done cos I uninstalled them and when I re-booted, they were there again? I didn;t see anything unusual happening though when the PC boots

  woodchip 22:30 23 Jun 2005

The floppy inside Comp as a Flat Ribbon cable connected to it and one end to Motherboard. the Red wire is one of the wires on the edge of the ribbon, so you know what whay the cable fits. at the Motherboard end the red wire on all ribbon cables normaly are all the same way round. that is all you need to know about fitting a cable

  Clivuus 22:31 23 Jun 2005

When you insert a disc and try reading it, does the disc light come on as though the drive is trying to read the disc ?

  Stuartli 01:01 24 Jun 2005

My son, an IT support specialist, once told me that the vast majority of floppy drive problems are due to a loose or damaged cable.

  TC27 08:41 24 Jun 2005


....What the others are telling you is the right process. We all have to get a bit courageous & try to check our details thoroughly when going it alone with these matters for the first time - especially as it will often save us a fortune in mobile technician costs!

The main & most likely thing to check is, when you switch your computer on, well, you know how it takes a little while to 'boot up?;' well, while it is doing that, look at the front of it, where you put the floppy disc in (known as the front of the floppy drive). Next to where you put the floppy disc in is a little light. You should be able to see its tiny window, just by where you put the disc in. When a computer boots, its little brain will automatically seek the drives & recognise them to itself, also checking for any 'boot/boot help discs' in them. When it finds the floppy drive, it should luminate. During this process - & booting up - your floppy disc drive light should flicker on at some point, if it is connected properly. If not, check the wires as the others have said. Mine for instance, was a pain when it had one wire a bit loose - where it plugged in at the back of the drive. You will not harm your machine by just a little careful check of these, inside the computer case. If you have to get hold of them, make sure they are pushed in firmly. Mine came loose again, so I routed it differently in order that some other ribbon cable helped to keep it pushed in. A knock or jolt to the computer tower can cause this - especially with floppy disc drives & is the most likely cause of this problem - as the other helper showed his son had said.

.... take ample time & be patient with yourself; we have ALL had to be that to get this far, whatever anyone proports about it.

Good Luck - & wishing you a lovely day anyhow.

  AJ25 12:57 24 Jun 2005

When I boot the PC, the green light on the floppy drive lights up for a couple of seconds right before the XP user login screen comes up. SO I guess than means the wiring is OK? Or not?

  Stuartli 14:14 24 Jun 2005

>> I checked inside the machine and all seems connected!>>

You should still check the leads/cable connections are firmly (and correctly) fitted - a visual inspection only is worthless.

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