Floppy disk different os incompatability ?

  Sprintthegrint 14:50 24 Jan 2007

I have a new computer (6months old anyway) running win2000pro and my old one running win98se.
Both fdd are fully functioning and will read and write with no problem. Except when I create a disk on either and try to read them on the other. I get disk unformatted error messages. I've been looking at this for a while on the web and it seems that there may be a known issue but search as I might I can't find anything definative either by way of diagnosis or cure. Any ideas please people?

  brundle 14:57 24 Jan 2007

Common thing with those drives, the heads are most likely aligned differently so they can't read disks written or formatted on the other.

  Diversion 16:05 24 Jan 2007

I've had the same problem since my computer was new, I've even bought a new floppy drive to replace the unused one in the computer and that wouldn't work either. Sometimes it would write to the floppy, if I took the floppy out then re-inserted it to the floppy drive it couldn't read the disk it has just wrote. I just gave it up as a bad job and thrown all the box of 100 floppies in the bin. And they were 1.4MB HD disc's the right type for the drive.

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