Floppy Disk

  Les 11:04 23 Aug 2003

They say that there is always a first time for everything - it must be true! I've been using floppies now for donkey's years and have never had trouble -until now.

Has anyone come across the following problem?

Anytime I try to save (or load) anything from a floppy then the computer does, what appears to be, a thorough check of the disk before allowing me to do what I wish. This can be quite a long time! It never used to do this.

Anyone know what is happening or what to do to cure it.


  devilsprofessor 11:07 23 Aug 2003

Maybe it's time for new one!

  Les 11:26 23 Aug 2003

The floppy unit is only three years old and isn't used all that often - noises made ny it are the usual - nothing out of the norm. It sounds as though it's formatting the disk except the data already on it, remains so. Strange....

It's an annoyance but of no great consequence


  Belatucadrus 11:27 23 Aug 2003

It could simply be the read/write heads having trouble reading the disk due to an accumulation of grot, try a cleaning diskette.

  wee eddie 20:42 23 Aug 2003

They used to be set to check all disks when Virae travelled that way.

  Les 20:58 23 Aug 2003

That's an idea - it could be just that. As I said, I don't use it that often - I'll poke around.

Also a possibility - I've had trouble recently with the computer mysteriously switching itself off or rebooting - I blew the dust and 'grot' out of the fan - so far, touch wood, that cleared the problem - well it has so far!

Thanks both


  Les 22:54 23 Aug 2003

No it wasn't that - AVG (the free version) doesn't appear to have any way of setting a check on floppies.

Not to worry, it does at least work, albeit after a while!


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