floppy discs \xp???

  no.good.at.all 20:33 05 Nov 2003

can anyone help? i cannotuse floppy discs now im using xp .it tells me the disc needs formating which i try to do but it comes back telling me the disc cannot be formatted. htis is the same with old and new discs

  alan 2273 20:42 05 Nov 2003

Does it say that the disc is Write Protected, if so make sure the square hole in the bottom left hand corner is closed.

  PA28 21:00 05 Nov 2003

There is no problem with floppies in XP. Check that your floppy drive has been recognised in Device Manager (My Computer>System Information>Hardware). If it's not there, check your BIOS settings are detecting the drive, and that the cable from the drive to the motherboard is secure and correctly connected (Pin 1 where it should be at both ends).

  no.good.at.all 22:14 05 Nov 2003

device man has reported the device is working fine no probs .if lead were wrong way round would it detect it?
if i put in a disc and acess my comp and try to open a: it says the disc needs to be formatted
if i look at the properties it shows as blue (full) but 0 bytes and 0 bytes free? strange???

  no.good.at.all 22:34 05 Nov 2003

drive light only on when trying to read disc
it all worked fine (hardware)when on 98se
it says data type rawbut will not open it

  PA28 22:31 06 Nov 2003

Sorry... sweeping statement! On a sample of 5 machines running XP home and Pro, with both AMD and Intel Chips, I have no problems with floppies. The last is my own desktop P4, which I have just converted to XP (and this has an ancient floppy drive fitted which I'm suprised still works - it cost about ?60 from Opus which gives a pretty good idea of its' vintage!).

  no.good.at.all 19:40 07 Nov 2003

well i have come to the end of this ive had enuf ill buy a new one from the local comp fair will post results if any!!! thanks for help

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