Floppy Discs and Win98 & XP

  carper 13:59 22 Sep 2003

Since changing from Win 98 to XP I find that floppy discs previously recorded from E-mails will not play back. Is this usual or is it a fault on my system, and I get round it


  kinger 15:45 22 Sep 2003

Do you mean that you wrote to the floppies on 98 but you can't read them using XP?

  Djohn 15:57 22 Sep 2003

It's more likely to be the e-mail program that you have than XP itself. The saved e-mails need to be opened in IE or whichever mail program you saved them from. j.

  palinka 17:49 22 Sep 2003

I've had similar problems with floppies & XP. I run a desktop with ME and recently bought laptop with XP. When I try swapping stuff betweent he two I find that only certain of my floppies will work with XP, yet they've been fine with ME. The only ones that work (in my experience) are TDKs MF-2HD that are also marked "MS-DOS Formatted".
Found this by trial and error.

  carper 11:18 24 Sep 2003

Thanks all this should be a guide

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