Floppy disc problem part two

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Floppy disc problem part two

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Whenever I put/ a "floppy" in the floppy drive it doen't read it but asks if I want to format the disc ,if I click Yes it then says "cannot format the disc and displays a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark.Yet the green light comes on during the p.o.s.t and according to device manager the device is working correctly I should add that the greenlight goes out as it should at start up Is the drive "kaput"? Or has anyone any suggestions to what might be the cause

I have replaced the drive with a new drive and another cable and have had partial success .I can read some floppies and I have formatted a floppy.but things are not right yet. I get a message now and the saying the A drive is not responding and I have to press ctrl+alt + delete .to get out of it.according to the computer there are no conflicts What else could it be????

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Floppy drives are cheap enough that you can afford to replace if suspect.

  [DELETED] 20:01 26 Sep 2003

I have just bought a new one today and replaced it and the cable,the problem must be elsewhere

Regards viejo

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Replacing the drive and the cable elimates both of these as the fault. It could be one of the pins on the motherboard connection to the floppy cable not making proper contact. Check the pins to see if any are broken or bent.

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Typing again. Should read "eliminates". If you really need the floppy drive and cannot find the fault you could always purchase a floppy drive that connects via a USB port. Unfortunately these cost over three times the cost of a normal floppy drive.

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thanks for the reply
I'll check that out
Regards Viejo

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You haven't said what O/S you have but if its Windows XP you have an option to troubleshoot. Right click on the floppy icon in MY COMPUTER and when the window appears left click on properties for the options windows. (This may appear in other O/S - not sure). Proplem may lie with the floppy controller on the motherboard or with the assigned DMA channel. The controller DMA channel for standard floppy is number 2. There may be a conflict with this. Check it in system information - HARDWARE - DMA.

  [DELETED] 23:23 27 Sep 2003

thanks again for the reply I have checked out your suggestion.The DMA channel is set at number 2.The problem is probably the mother board as you suggested.because I have changed the floppy drive and the cable,that takes me back to the mobo.There are no reported conflicts,it is very strange.

Regards viejo

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Yes it certainly is strange. The fact that you can read some floppies and not others would also indicate a problem with the brand of floppies or perhaps where you are storing them. They are after all a magnetic device and should not be stored near powerful magnetic objects e.g. large speakers with a very strong magnetic core. Next to large TV's which use a regular large degaussing current or any other
large magnets which will affect the floppies magnetic disk. It could also be a faulty batch of disks you have aquired. Buy and try out some good quality new ones.

  [DELETED] 12:58 28 Sep 2003

Having mentioned the above. This probably would not
account for the intermittent message that the "A" drive is not responding. Sorry it has me stumped. Perhaps someone else will come up with a possible reason.

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