Floppy disc format

  Hockley_Fuller 09:55 14 Dec 2013

My PC OS is XP Professional. I have several floppy discs containing archived material. When I attempt to access these I get the message: Disc is not formatted. "Properties" indicates that the non accessible format is "RAW" (as opposed to FAT, which is readable). How can I access the material on these archive floppies?

  johndrew 10:13 14 Dec 2013

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe the only possible way to recover data stored on floppy in this format is likely to be recovery software as your OS will consider the disk corrupt.

The only other option is to pay for a professional service.

  finerty 10:20 14 Dec 2013

what type f operating system were u uing whne you stored ino on the floppies, the is a software called ruccuva i thnk you can download from file hippo dot com

  Batch 12:12 14 Dec 2013

If the disks have not been used for a long time (esp. if it is a long time since the information on them was created), they may have become unreadable. Readability can also be affected by how they have been stored.

Also, if you are trying to read them on a different disk drive to the one they were created on, incompatibilities between the drives can give rise to errors. That being the case (and assuming you don't have access to the original drive) you could try in other floppy drives (I guess you would need to find someone else with a floppy drive).

Alternatively, google "read corrupted floppy disk" (without the quotes) and have a look at some of the options there.

Ultimately, if nothing else works and if the information is sufficiently valuable, you could consider professional data recovery services - but they aren't cheap.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 14 Dec 2013

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