Floppy Disc error message

  Southernboy 14:31 29 Mar 2005

This was part of another thread but as it is getting nowhere, I thought I would post it as a separate thread.

My new Evesham (in common with other makes these days) did not include a Floppy Disc drive as standard, so I paid extra for it to be included. I find that, after backing up to a FD, removing the disc and closing the program, about 5/10 minutes later I get a warning message telling me there is no disc in Drive A. I use WinXP Home and MS Money 2000.

However, if I back up to my 750 External Zip drive, using the same backup program, I do not get the error message.

I do not know if this is a problem with Money 2000, although I never had it with W98SE, or with WinXP. I wondered if any extra software is required when a PC incldes a FDD? Does XP somehow need to be told when I have finished using the A drive? It seems to expect me still to be using it.

I have never had this on any other PC - any ideas what is causing it?

  Yoda Knight 14:45 29 Mar 2005

Do you close down the backup software after your backup - does the message still appear after that ?

  Newuser3519 15:37 29 Mar 2005

I also have an Evesham system which had a floppy drive and windows XP installed as standard equipment. The "No disk in drive A" message often appears for no reason (even when not using the floppy)and sometimes has to be cancelled two or three times to get rid of it.
Is this a problem with Evesham PCs?

  Yoda Knight 16:12 29 Mar 2005

Do u have an anti-virus running which may be auto scanning ?

  Newuser3519 17:26 29 Mar 2005

Yes,I have McAfee anti virus running but the "no disk" errors were indicated before anti virus installation.

  Southernboy 13:29 30 Mar 2005

The backup program is part of Money 2000 which, as I said, is closed down.

No, as my home PC is not connected to the net, I do not use an anti-virus program.

  Southernboy 13:33 30 Mar 2005

I don't see how it could be anything to do with the backup program as it gives me two options when backing up

Drive A 3.5 Floppy

Drive F 750 Zip Disc

I have used both and the error message only occurs with Drive A, so it must be something to do with WinXP and FD drives, surely?

The error message occurs about 5 minutes after Money is closed and the FD removed.

  Number 7 13:57 30 Mar 2005

Try this:

Put a disk in the drive and double click the floppy icon in MyComputer.

Select the Back button and double click the C drive.

While the C drive window is open, remove the floppy.

Close this window using File> Close on the Menu bar.

It might work.

  DieSse 14:47 30 Mar 2005

Why not put a floppy in, and see what if anything gets written to it. This may give a clue as to why.

  Southernboy 14:47 06 Apr 2005

I have spoken to Evesham who tell me that it must be the fault of Money 2000 which is an old program, and probably not supported by XP. But why does it happen after the program is shut down?

  ened 14:56 06 Apr 2005

I suspect this might be a problem within the MS Money software.
I have had this problem for some years (98se then XPpro).

I find clicking cancel gets rid of it and everything works okay.

It is an infrequent minor irritation which I have never got round to looking into.

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