floppy disc drive ,disc not formatted

  alan mac 20:29 11 May 2003

every time i put a floppy disc into the drive it says the disc is not formatted, and would you like to format it ,and it will not read any discs, the disc works ok on my laptop, i,m running windows xp on my pc, which i have recently upgraded, is the disc drive had it ? when i check on properties, it says everything is running ok.


  VestanPance 20:34 11 May 2003

My WinXP PC does the same thing. I can go thru several discs b4 Windows finally accepts one. PC World said to try removing the floppy disk drive controller in Device manager, re-booting and see if that works. It didn't 4 me. I bought a brand new floppy drive, but that didn't resolve it either. You could check Microsoft Knowledgebase. I'll have a little look around if I find the time.

  albert108 21:16 11 May 2003

Open the command prompt,( All programs, Accessories,) type 'A:' press return, when the A prompt appears type 'DIR' see if it lists the contents of the floppy drive which will verify whether it's working.

I had this problem on a machine with Win ME but doing the above corrected the problem ( don't know why).

  lixdexik 23:22 11 May 2003

I found the same thing yesterday. I tryed to take a file from this machine (win98) onto another machine (winxp) the xp said disc not formated,I tried a few times without success.. I then formated the disc on the xp machine. copied the file from the 98 machine on to that disc and hey presto no problem with the xp after that. but why it happened who knows. have you tried formating the disc on the machine you want to copy to?..seemed to work for me.

Cheers Lixdexik

  Green Dragon II 20:35 12 May 2003

I have the same problem. The drive always says the disc is not formatted when they previously worked. The only things I can think of is I have added a network card and a larger hard drive.

Formatting a disc on the drive makes it unusable on other machines.

Going to the DOS prompt and DIR did not work.

I also changed the drive to no avail.

Help still needed.

  alan mac 22:20 14 May 2003

has anyone got any more info or help on the subject of why in xp it keeps on asking to format the floppy disk

  DieSse 22:26 14 May 2003

The properties in control panel do not check that your disk drive is working OK. When they say it's OK it merely confirms that the driver software was correctly installed.

A first step would be to test it more basically than in Windows - try to boot from a floppy disk. If this doesn't work, check all the cables are properly fitted (remove - reconnect) - if that fails try a new cable and/or a new drive.

If different please report back.

  Mysticnas 21:10 19 May 2003

tried all that, still no good.

my bro has the same probs as mentioned. he saves work from one pc onto another and takes it to his XP pc at home and it doesn't want to know unless you format the disk, in which case all the work is deleted.

Any news on this problem?

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