floppy can't read disks

  brewersfan 10:39 13 Sep 2003


I installed a new floppy disk drive a few weeks ago, and it won't read my existing disks. It says they are all unformatted, and would I like to format them. I know there is data on there, because I checked on another machine. How can I re-access this old data please?


  wiznyme 11:19 13 Sep 2003

As you've just installed the drive make sure all the cables are the right way round and seated correctly.

Do you get a status light on the floppy drive, does it just come on at all, just when trying to read or is it on all the time.

Was this the same problem you had before replacing the drive? If so could be a problem with the controller on the system board.

  pj123 11:39 13 Sep 2003

Further to wiznyme response check your BIOS to make sure the Floppy Drive is recognised.

  brewersfan 22:29 14 Sep 2003

The pc is new (built by me), and the original floppy was carried over from my old machine, where it only worked intermittently. The status light comes on when the drives tries to read the disks, and the bios recognises it. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, and xp recognised it was there.

  DieSse 22:36 14 Sep 2003

Is this a problem only with your old floppies (ie a compatability problem) - or with any floppies, even a new one that you format (can you format?) in the new drive?

  brewersfan 00:20 15 Sep 2003


The problem is with old floppies. Ones I created myself, and ones with original programs on. The drive doesn't recognise anything on there (though it did recognise a win98 bootup disk when I first installed it). Now, all it does is ask me (eventually) if I want to format the disk. I don't, because there is info on them that I'd like to transfer to hard disk.


  Rtus 00:52 15 Sep 2003

Your floppy drives Ok with new floppy disks ? But your discs written in the past no longer read ..Is it the same O/s ? or have you given thought to where youve stored these discs..cold/Dampness/ change in humidity, and even too close to speakers can all cause problems ,

  brewersfan 00:54 15 Sep 2003


I know there is data on these disks because I have used another machine to check them. I haven't tried any new blank disks... I don't have any.


  Rtus 01:01 15 Sep 2003

if they read ok in another machine .. Id be inclined to exchange Floppy drive, or if the other machine has CDRW drive copy discs to folder burn to Cdr then reformat a floppy in the new drive and see how you go ..

  Rtus 01:04 15 Sep 2003

you still using W98 or is it XP ?? Now.

  DieSse 01:41 15 Sep 2003

It sounds very likely that your new floppy drive is faulty. Unusual, but not very unusual.

But I also recommend you to buy a new box of diskettes (verrry cheap) and try your new drive out with some of them. They'll come in handy anyway.

It is possible to get marginal incompatibilities between drives, such that diskettes written on a slightly "off" drive, will read OK on some other drives, but not all.

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