Flluctuating Hard Drive Disk Space

  webber_man 23:39 09 Jul 2006


I hope someone can shed some light on this problem for me!!

The disk space on my laptop keeps going up and down - too drastically from the actions i carry out, like deleting large unwanted files etc.

I have a HP NX9005 laptop with a 40GB HD. The free space showing as available has been as low as 118mb - but then, after deleting a file of 300mb it increased to 4.8gb!

I have now deleted lots of old files and generally trimmed it down, defraged etc. But today i have gone from 12.5gb, to 11.6gb, to 11.9gb, 10.6gb, to 11.7gb!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


  sean-278262 23:44 09 Jul 2006

Check the page file. In the control panel>system

go to the advanced tab then click the setting button of performance, then advanced. This varies depending on the amount of ram but it usually is quite large. Considering the differences are all about a gigabyte I would suggest this as the reason plus the removal & addition of files. Try changing it to 1mb and see if it stops. If it does return it to about 2times what ram you have and there is the answer.


  webber_man 23:59 09 Jul 2006

Thanks - ive given that a look (the system set this to 699mb) and i'll do what you suggest and see what happens.

This has only happened in the past few days so just seems a bit strange.

  sean-278262 00:01 10 Jul 2006

If you have kids this can be the cause with them tinkering for that extra bit of speed. Also windows sometimes suggests in a pop up window to increase it if required. So little hands can often change settings without saying! I know the problem well.

  webber_man 14:09 10 Jul 2006

Hello again!

Nope - that didn't seem to help! :o(

I haven't got any kids to fiddle with the settings - and now the free hard drive space has gone down to 10GB from 11.6 just this morning.

Does anyone else have any other ideas please?

  webber_man 21:58 10 Jul 2006

My hard drive has now fallen to 8.6gb! Does anyone have any ideas at all!??!

  webber_man 22:09 10 Jul 2006


Just found some info online and emptied my Norton Protected files - and now have 14.3GB worth of free space!

I'm going to keep my on it and see how it goes. If that is the answer i'll post it in case anyone else has the same problem.

  webber_man 10:29 11 Jul 2006

Ok - it's now been 12 hours since my last post and the space available is now down to 13.3gb. Surely i should 'lose' 1 gb in 12 hours?!!

Can anyone shed any light?

  De Marcus™ 10:46 11 Jul 2006

Have you tried disabling the norton protected files feature? Not sure if you can but have heard of it causing problems such as this.

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