Flippin Zoostorm!

  sugarbabylove 23:11 05 Oct 2007

I bought a zoostorm computer from my cataloge as I had a big credit balance and was getting a good deal with repayments etc.

Anway I got it today finally after 2 weeks! I opened it up and there is no zoostorm booklet so to speak to tell you whats actually in the box!
I found some components that look like they belong inside the case. It seems like Im supposed to put them in there?! I have no clue!

Anyway I switch it on and i takes me to a bios type screen automatically and goes through a burn in "testing" screen. Goes through lots of things and tests them, then it gets so far then fails.

Is there something Im missing, something im supposed to be doing here? I know my way around a computer, but not really the insides of it!


  davidh50 23:18 05 Oct 2007

Give Littlewoods a Call, They will help!

  sugarbabylove 23:24 05 Oct 2007


Ive called them and they have given me the zoostorm helpline number, which isnt recognised!


  sugarbabylove 23:30 05 Oct 2007

Decided to fiddle about with the number they gave me...which I notice is the same anywhere you look online..
the number they gave me is 0800 850 3063

Changed it to 0870 850 3063 and it works!
But there closed until monday! Oh the irony..i was trying to figure it out at half 4!!


  Technotiger 23:42 05 Oct 2007

Is this the model you have? You should not have to put anything inside the tower, it should come complete and ready built. You should just need to connect Tower/Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse possibly also Printer/Scanner? connect to mains and away you go. Unless you also ordered any extras.

click here

  sugarbabylove 23:45 05 Oct 2007


This is the one I have..

[link=click here]here[/link]


  tullie 23:51 05 Oct 2007

You shouldent have to add any bits,especially at that price.

  Technotiger 23:52 05 Oct 2007

Hmm, very nice, but I see nothing there that needs to go inside the tower. A good looking set of speakers with woofer, but they connect to the sound card connections on the back of the tower.

  Technotiger 23:58 05 Oct 2007

Can you possibly photograph the 'Components' which you thought might have to go inside? Then post the picture here. As tullie said, at that price you should not have to do any DIY on it.

  Technotiger 00:02 06 Oct 2007

Past midnight now, way past my bed-time, I need my beauty sleep - and how!! I will look in again tomorrow to see if you have got any further ..... nite-nite ZZZzzzzzzzz

  sugarbabylove 00:03 06 Oct 2007

Believe it or not im a photographer but i dont have a camera, its getting serviced! lol!

Ok what I have is a msi video link thing that I think is for having 2 monitors working at same time, I have a little square metal thing with coolermaster gels written on it.
a wire that comes from a black plastic thing and stems off into two white bits at the end with 2 lots of brown, blue and yellow wires on each white plastic bit.
another similar looking wire that has red, blue, brown and yellow wires but its just single, some nuts and bolts lol!

The computer is saying that its testing all these things, its on "microtopology" just now, to do with memory?!


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