flip video camera

  jerica 12:24 03 Jun 2012

Hi, I know this is a PC forum but I've tried the flip website but not very helpful. Does anyone know where I can get advice about a malfunctioning flip mino hd????? Thanks.

  northumbria61 12:39 03 Jun 2012

If you post a bit more information as to what is actually malfunctioning it may help.

  jerica 17:02 03 Jun 2012

OK here goes, plug ih the usb to the computer and nothing happens at all, push on button and nothing happens, push secret reset button and still nothing happens. Took it apart and plugged a usb charger into it and still nothing until I wiggled the connector to the battery and then I got a steady red light. Wiggled the connector again and the light started blinking slowly, wiggled again and the light blinked faster, once more and back to steady light. I think the red wire is loose (four wires red, green black and blue) but I still don't know if this is anything to do with why it won't go or if it's just a coincidence. I have left it over night with the red light on but still nothing when I push any buttons. Any ideas out there??????

  Nontek 20:03 03 Jun 2012
  jerica 07:16 04 Jun 2012

I've tried that site, so much conflicting advice it's dificult to figure out, thanks anyway.

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