Flight simulator crashes!

  muscic lover 19:40 08 May 2004

sorry for the pun in the title.
I am running windows Me with an AMD Athlon XP2100 chip at 1.7 GHz and 256Mb memory. and lots of hard drive space (over 13GB left).
When i re-installed MS Flight Sim 2002 it loads and all is good for about 30 seconds then the screen freezes and i have to press the reset button. No keys work, the disk doesn't spin nothing except the picture on screen and thats it. It just hangs there!
CTRL + ALT+ Delete do nothing
I have Norton Antivirus running and internet firewall.
I hope you can tell me what to do to cure this problem. I have scanned the disk / defragmented it, optimised it. No virus' detected after a system scan.
Can you still help me?
I am a truly frustrated flyer. The discs are 100% genuine too!

  SANTOS7 19:59 08 May 2004

it may well be down to the amount of memory you have try turning off all the running processes you don't need including norton/firewall and anything else which may run in conflict with it and try again

  SANTOS7 20:05 08 May 2004

click here this may help

  SANTOS7 20:08 08 May 2004

forgot to mention article applies to ms flight sim 2002 and others

  SANTOS7 20:08 08 May 2004

click here this may help as well

  Graham ® 20:09 08 May 2004

Another MS link click here

  muscic lover 00:12 09 May 2004

as advised by SANTOS7

I have looked into my files and couldnt find the Viagart.vxd check box....there are other Viagart things there but not of that exact name. Can you help further? It still hangs on me and i liked the experience!

  pc moron 01:20 09 May 2004

Why have you re-installed FS2002?

Was it running okay before?

Installed any new hardware?

  hugh-265156 01:42 09 May 2004

i take it you have not done a full install then due to needing the disc in the drive?

i would try a complete install and run it all from the hard drive you usually get better results this way.

when fs2002 first starts you may also be prompted by your firewall asking if you want to give it access.

if the firewall pop up is underneath the flight sim screen,which happened to me once,then it may seem to hang when in fact your firewall is just waiting for your input.

try starting it up and if it hangs press alt+tab to see if norton has a prompt showing on the desktop maybe.

  muscic lover 15:13 09 May 2004

Norton is quite happy with FS 2002.

There is no pop up under the programme.....

I completely re installed it from scratch in case a file had been corrupted.

I did a full install of the programme so a disk is not required......

Still in a woeful state even if all background programmes are shut!

Do i have to accept this continual crash?

Music Lover @ tales of woe. crumb(le)!

Thanks for the help so far folk..... keep it up!

And i mean THANK YOU! great to have some help here.

  Derries 15:56 09 May 2004

Sorry i am not a expert,but is your Firewall set to high......????

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