Flight Simulator 2002

  stuj77 08:13 25 Jun 2004

I have recently bought Flight Simulator 2002 standard edition. I am enjoying playing it, yet there are a few problems with it which are making it slightly less enjoyable. When I land the plane seems to be bouncing instead of crashing (if I'm goind too fast). Also the graphics aren't quite as impressive as I expected.
Having said that I am running the game on a PB easynote (2.5 gig processor, 256mb RAM, not sure about graphics card) so obviosly I don't expect the game to run as it would on a top notch powerful desktop games machine, however I also run Combat Flight Simulator World War Two Euriope Edition and the graphics and secnary are excellent. Are there any ways to improve my Flight Simulator experiecne with adding or upgrading new hardware which on a laptop is hard to do?

Thanks stuj77

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:04 25 Jun 2004

I don't know about the latest versions of FS, but I agree with your comments about CFS - it runs and looks much better.

I have had three versions of FS and have always been let down by the poor graphics and slow/choppy running. At first I assumed it was the pc, but then running the CFS proved it was the game, so I havn't bothered with it for a few years now. Mind you I was tempted by the 2004 version......

  [email protected] 10:15 25 Jun 2004

Hi stuj77. I run (and really enjoy) 2k2 and 2k4 which is a huge improvement over the former with both scenery and weather. Regards bouncing on landing too fast I reckon thats reasonable to expectt!. Both sims respond lovingly to loads of memory (my mate runs 2GigDDR and me 1GigDDR - soon to double as the difference is enormous) and I would regard 256mbSDR as minimun. Regards to choppy graphics I suspect you are asking too much from your combi of graphics card/memory with sim settings which are too high. Set your frame rate to 20 and reduce texture/density settings. Weather is a frame rate killer, as is AI traffic. Other things you can pare off for example is water textures if you only fly over land! and reduce your visibility range to 20-30miles. The whole is a tradeoff for your personal needs. CFS will give better graphics because most of the program is dedicated to do just that. Flt Sim has to do so much more with virtual cockpits/opening doors/external views/action replays/AI traffic/airports and worldwide geographical/topographical scenery etc, so comparing the two is not realistic.
If you want to know the specifications of your PC, download and run the Belarc Advisor from click here (free) and for help and advice on sim matters, visit any of the FltSim forums, click here and click here just to name a couple.
Good luck and happy landings.

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