Flight sim. 2002 pro. ILS

  muddypaws 13:19 25 Apr 2003

Can any 'pilots' out there tell me how to get the aircraft to lock on to the ILS. I am conversant with everything else on the 737 which I am mastering at the moment! Used to have pilot's licence years ago.
Have tried all instructions as far as I am aware.
Intercepting localiser on auto pilot, switch on 'approach', 'Nav/Gps' to 'Nav', disconnect 'Alt'. Does auto pilot have to be on or off? Auto throttle has to stay on. Manual refers to setting the localiser frequency. I have Nav 1 set to ILS frequency.Also states set inbound course on the OBS. What's that? Nothing else is interactive to set a heading on only the auto pilot. I am unable to set bearing on HSI or radio compass.
Must say I am very impressed with 2002. Believe there may be an update this year.
Awaiting help before I run out of fuel!!

  graham√ 14:03 25 Apr 2003

At a guess, OBS = OnBoard Sensor.

  PA28 14:10 25 Apr 2003

OBS - Omni-Bearing Selector. We usually know it as the OBI (Omni Bearing Indicator) or CDI (Course Deviation Indicator). In other words - where you monitor tracking on the VORs. Now you know what I mean don't you? (from a current private pilot, but not instrument rated!).

  MartinT-B 14:34 25 Apr 2003

MSN Group for FS 2002 Pro click here

Flightsim.com click here

I can't find any other sites that might be able to help. Here's the google list I got. click here

  muddypaws 14:39 25 Apr 2003

Appropriate name.Thanks
I remember now, but any idea of process to get the thing locked on as I keep overflying at 2000', and the passengers are gettig a bit p---d off!! I can get them down manually.

  grahamðB?ã 14:44 25 Apr 2003

Same thing! :-(

  muddypaws 14:48 25 Apr 2003

Thanks. Looks a good site. I am away for the weekend so will follow up on Monday, if no solutions beforehand.

  PA28 18:12 25 Apr 2003

Absolutely no idea - I don't use the ILS for obvious reasons. The mk1 eyeball in VFR is my limit (and, yes, I fly PA28s). I'll have a look at the 737 on the sim this weekend and see if I can figure it out.

  Big Elf 18:34 25 Apr 2003

You're not thinking of getting a job flying a real 737 are you?

If so let me know which airline..... I'm flying to the USA later in the year.


  muddypaws 19:04 25 Apr 2003

Big Elf
I think your are safe. Don't think they have stretched a 737 far enough for trans-atlantic! If they have you won't be landing!

  muddypaws 19:10 25 Apr 2003

OK If you do, go to 'library'/index/autopilot for the instructions. Think that's right. You might want to look at the link from MartinT-B

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