Flicky/fuzzy screen on startup, getting worse.

  ITBuffoon 12:08 15 Jun 2014

I am having problems with my Fujitsu Lifebook (AH531). It's almost 2 years old, and it's had a lot of use.

On start up (from full shut down or hibernation), I see a fuzzy/distorted screen load, but usually it settles down fairly quickly, to display a normal screen. It appears at the logon to Windows (7) screen.

I have a screen print of what happens, but I can't see how to upload it. I had to turn off today (without shutting down properly) and hope it would work Ok on restart, which it did.

Basically, I am worried hard disk failure is coming soon. I've backed up the data on my hard drive, but can you suggest anything?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 15 Jun 2014

Try reloading the graphics drivers.

  Jollyjohn 16:02 15 Jun 2014

If you have an external monitor, connect it up and see if it is the same. If same then graphics chip / driver issue.

If the external monitor is fine it is probably a loose cable to the lid.

  ITBuffoon 09:45 16 Jun 2014

Many thanks! I will try all that.

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