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  sunnystaines 20:01 15 Sep 2014

trying to access flicker [not done for a while] username and password entered then i get to enter jumbled letters. been ok on other web sites with these. but just cannot get passed it, tried the audio bit but with hearing aides cannot make out what is said and background noise.

i have had password reset and username verified to confirm its not my end anyone know how to contact flickr without being logged in tried umteen times.

  QuizMan 20:40 15 Sep 2014

Possibly no much help as I do not use Flickr, but I have taken a look. It gives me an option to sign in with a Yahoo account. I seldom use Yahoo, but it let me into Flickr without the need to enter anything other than user name and password.

  sunnystaines 20:54 15 Sep 2014

tried via their web help, got passed that jumbled letter box but the format to send a message asks for a security question & answer amongst other info, well never had one so stuck there too.

need an external email add i can send to or phone number, getting to see why no one uses yahoo anymore.

  lotvic 20:55 15 Sep 2014

QuizMan, was that your email password? or do you have another password for Flickr? I'm trying to work out if I have a yahoo email address then does it mean that I automatically now have a Flickr account (?) I'm confused (and a bit worried about email security password)

  lotvic 21:03 15 Sep 2014

oops sorry sunnystaines, I meant to start my post by asking you if you are using a Yahoo email address to get into your Flickr account. Apparently since June this year, that's what you have to do.

My post to QuizMan was to get info for myself as I have a Yahoo email addy but have never had a Flickr account.

  QuizMan 21:12 15 Sep 2014

With apologies to sunnystaines, lotvic I do not use their e-mail. I think I set something up ages ago because it was needed to use the Freecycle network.

  hssutton 21:41 15 Sep 2014

I have a similar problem as my old rocket email is no longer valid. I've tried several times to log-in following yahoo's instructions all that happened was I finished up with a new account. Still unable to access my old account with many, many photos. On my last attempt yahoo changed my BT password an my Google password. Have now given up hope of ever getting into my photo gallery.

Thinking of signing up to 500px. Fortunately I don't rely on online galleries for my photos, so it's not a major problem.

  lotvic 21:43 15 Sep 2014

QuizMan, snap, that's what my Yahoo email is for - needed to use the Freecycle network

  sunnystaines 07:41 16 Sep 2014

got my yahoo email and password but it then goes to the jumbled letters box and just cannot get passed it. it just reverts back to the email and password box.

  QuizMan 15:36 16 Sep 2014

Well I don't know what to say to this. Whichever way I try to get access to Flickr, I do not need to input jumbled letters. I only ever input my Yahoo user name and password. I have never signed up to Flickr, but it gives me access on that Yahoo input alone.

  lotvic 16:08 16 Sep 2014

sunnystaines, have you tried emailing support Flickr login help contact Customer Help

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