Flickery monitor

  pickle factory 13:20 27 Jan 2004

I have had a 15" Delta monitor for a few years now which usually works fine, but it seems to go through spells where the top 25mm or so of the screen flickers and go's black and I can't see the top tool bars, it has done it before for periods of weeks at a time but has cleared up and been OK again for weeks or even months. No idea why it starts or stops again. I've checked connections and there is nothing obviously loose, any suggestions please?

  Lozzy 13:26 27 Jan 2004

Sounds like the monitor might be on its last legs..

Check and update your Video Drivers if its still doing it think of getting a new one..

  johnnyrocker 13:33 27 Jan 2004

i would suspect dry solder joints particularly in th e/w driver section, when prob occurs try GENTLY tapping around the monitor casing and if you can make the prob appear/disappear that is your problem also check the connecting vga plug at the back of the monitor.


  pickle factory 12:25 28 Jan 2004

Johnnyrocker spot on, gave monitor a few satisfying smacks and flickering stopped, have now marked hand print outline in specific place while I save up for new monitor.

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