flickering windows....any ideas. please?

  carlos 20:13 28 Oct 2003

Got a Iiama VM pro 450 monitor...set the refresh rate from 70 thro to 90Mhz but still get all new windows that I open, eg this one, flickering ( the usual, almost subliminal one that some people can't see lol ). The desktop doesn't flicker at all....To re-iterate, if I open this site up, for eg, the window flickers, no matter the refresh rate. Time to change the monitor...or can I change some setting ?. Video card is ATI AIW,OS is XP. Only started having this prob after I changed OS from 98 to XP. Coincidental? Any comments/advice would be gratefully recd.

  Djohn 20:43 28 Oct 2003

Check for any magnetic interference close to the monitor. Speakers and desktop lamps, especially the 12Volt type are the most likely cause. Move anything that has a transformer in it, away from the monitor.

  carlos 21:19 28 Oct 2003

Good point, but....previous monitor:didn't happen then. Got a satellite speaker approx. 2ft( metric????) away from monitor but didn't have a prob before. Interestingly, the flickering has " settled down" now, as it usually does. Weird...
Nb I thought it was "I" before "E" except after c.....

  wee eddie 21:19 28 Oct 2003

Is it possible that you need new drivers for your new OS.

  TommyRed 21:25 28 Oct 2003

If it is the monitor, I got a 17" recon one offa e-bay for ?30.00 though I was able to collect it, therefore cutting down the cost. HTH TR

  carlos 13:45 29 Oct 2003

Didn't realise it was the AIW was that old....... time flies.
Perhaps it's on it's last legs. Got up-to-date drivers tho. Did that when I changed from 98 to XP couple of months ago. Thanks for suggestions...looks like the card is beginning to "play up"

  wee eddie 16:18 29 Oct 2003

the current model is the 9800. I obviously have no idea how old yours is as you gave no Model number.

Age does not mean it is at fault.

Are you running it at it's optimum definition.

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