Flickering screen pictures on aol

  portofcall 23:04 05 Nov 2005

Recently installed aol 9.0. Once installed logged on: So far no problem. When screen came on from aol.....all the pictures on the screen icons flicker. The screen ultimately fills out and beings flickering again. No problem with email or text....only pictures. I have no idea why. Someone told me to change monitor refresh settings (not sure how) or maybe reinstall Direct X. Any suggestions would be welcomed.



  Splork 23:37 05 Nov 2005

What do you see if you load web pages in Internet Explorer while logged on to AOL? The same flickering graphics?

  portofcall 09:54 06 Nov 2005

Sorry, fell asleep. When I log on to IE, I get the same "flickering screen". Again, text the screen is constant, its only the graphics/pictures that flicker.

  Splork 10:41 06 Nov 2005

Refresh rate - Control Panel/Display Properties, Settings/Advanced/Monitor - use drop down menu under Change Refresh Rate to something lower - if it's at 60Hz try the next one up. DirectX unlikely to be the problem, but check it's 9.0c anyway, StartMenu/Run, type `DXDiag`, if not get it here click here

  Splork 10:42 06 Nov 2005

Or DirectX from here will take less time click here

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