Flickering screen with my HP Pavilion DV 2000 laptop

  GaryLoftus 22:13 25 Jul 2014


Wonder if anyone can help. My HP Pavilion laptop has a serious flickering screen problem. If I haven't used it for a day or so the laptop works fine for about an hour then the flickering starts to a point where I cannot read the screen.

I bought a small stand with usb powered fans underneath as I thought it may be overheating but this hasn't worked.

When it starts flickering I can connect any other monitor to the laptop and the screen is fine on the attached monitor but terrible on the laptop.

I have read a few threads and wondered if I could get a simple connector replaced or would I have to get the whole screen replaced?

Your help would be muchly appreciated.


  rdave13 22:42 25 Jul 2014

If still under warranty contact the seller. Looks like a bad connection to the screen.

  alanrwood 09:12 26 Jul 2014

From the info it is not realistically possible to diagnose where the fault lies. It could be Screen(unlikely), Cable(possible) or Video chip/driver (Possible.

It would seem to me that it is a heating problem. Time how long it takes to show the fault then put the laptop in a carefully sealed polythene bag (Remove the battery first)and put in in the fridge for a couple of hours. As soon as you take it out check for any possible condensation and if OK time it again. If it takes longer to show the problem it is most likely a heating problem and cable/component creep. By the way you do this at your own risk as I have no way of knowing how well the polybag is sealed. Make sure it does not have any tear holes or child safety holes.

If it is this problem then possibly a strip down and reassemble after cleaning the internal ventilation paths and applying new thermal paste to the CPU would sort it out.

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