Flickering pixels and squares causing crashes

  Giel Van Gompel 15:17 31 Jul 2018

Hello everyone,

I came home from a two week break yesterday, today my computer seems to have major issues. I tried playing a couple of games (Realm Royale / Paladins) and after a couple of minutes, pixels in my screen start to flicker, aswell as grey and rainbow colored squares starting to flicker. My game then crashes. Now, a few hours later, I'm having this same issue even when I'm not starting a game but just during normal surfing. The flickering causes my pc to bluescreen and I'm forced to manually shut it down. I've done some research and people seem to have similar issues, where an overheating GPU is the cause of the problem. I'm not sure if that is the issue here, as my pc crashes when I'm doing non demanding tasks aswell. I must add my pc will be celebrating its 6th birthday soon, even so, I never had any issues untill now. My GPU is a GeForce GTX560 Ti. What could be the cause of my problem and can anyone help me out to a possible solution? Please do ask if any additional is needed, I also have pictures and a short video clip of the issue. Thanks!

  Flak999 16:29 31 Jul 2018

That's an old graphics card now, I would say it's failing. Mine did exactly the same thing, if you can borrow another card to test it against give it a go, but I would say your card is on the way out!

  Giel Van Gompel 17:30 31 Jul 2018

@Flak999 That's what I was worried about aswell.. I just found it odd that it happened so sudden while I didn't have the slightest issue before. Did it happen that sudden with your card too?

  lotvic 22:39 31 Jul 2018

Had same issue with an older pc, got round it by taking side off the tower and using a room fan to blow on overheating card to keep it cool. Had it running happily for months like that. Gave me time to save up and now got new pc :)

  Flak999 23:10 31 Jul 2018

Giel Van Gompel

Yep, exactly the same way. Like I say that's an old card now!

  Giel Van Gompel 08:45 01 Aug 2018

Alright, thanks for you replies guys! At least I now know what the issue is. I'm gonna try getting a fan in front, hopefully this will stretch its life untill I get a new pc :)

  Guest 1234512757 11:13 01 Aug 2018

try a new latest graphic card

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